Monday, November 21, 2005

Teens and Holidays

It seems to be that the teens are having difficulty with the holidays. I can't remember that far back, now that I have gray hair it's hard to remember that I actually was their age once. (not really true of course, being as I'm so young still.) But, I digress. I've heard many talk about how their teens are driving them crazy right now, and of course the ones I have at work are going up the walls as well. The holidays are a hard time on anyone, especially those who have no control over what they eat or were they go for this time of year. They have no control over who they talk to, what they do. It's all out of their control. I think I may be having increased bitchieness myself if I had to listen to one more old person tell me how proud they are of me. Be kind to the teens in your life, let them be sassy and free this time of year. As long as they aren't out of control, I'm sure they deserve everything you can afford to give them. Plus time with their friends during Christmas break. Go ahead and spoil them, and don't forget to tell them it's okay to be anxious over the holidays.

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