Monday, December 19, 2011

Wish list

Well I fell short of keeping up on my 25 days of Christmas, but I have been taking pictures, so maybe news years will bring me time to update you all on the happenings around here. On another note, I never posted a wish list. I wish for financial security in the unstable economy, I wish for a healthy family, I wish for eternity with all my loved ones, and I wish that all of you who love me and know me will find the true Christmas spirit and find the love in your hearts like I have.

But, just to add a little materialism to this post I'll post some of my wish list that come from the stores.

1. Coffee! Starbucks gift cards work great! wink, wink

2. New jeans/slacks - I'm tired of wearing clothes too baggy or to tight (depending on the day) that are older then my daughter!

3. Workout Gear - for those of you still shopping there's some great sales at Fred Meyer for under armor gear!

4. to go along with #3 - 1 pound weighted gloves for Body Combat class

5. Any of the Twilight Saga movies

6. Bath & Body works lotions & creams (I'm addicted since I worked there)

7. Cozy socks

8. Always can count om the scrapbook supplies or a craft warehouse gift card!

9. Make-up (foundation/concealer) & facial (wrinkle) cream

10. Movie Tickets (for date night with the hubby)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

December Daily: Day 5

Day 5: Here are some facebook posts from today…

  • Good Morning Monday! How am I going to accomplish it all today? Yicks!

at 6:49am


Rob'nlin Schneider Because you are super woman

Rebekah Pontow YAY! Do I get a cape and a mask? I could use a disguise!

Rob'nlin Schneider Oh yes you do!!!! coming right up sister

Rebekah Pontow Sweet!!! LOL

  • Some things just take longer then you think they should! *sigh* To-Do today: Preschool, coupons/shopping, Lunch with a friend, house cleaning (laundry & vacuum), and the in the evening the gym all while I attempt to document the holiday season!

at 7:55am

  • Preschool time, time to speed up my to-do list here and get on super speed!

at 9:15am

  • Not a lot done.....shoot, gotta get the kido now, lunch, and groceries!

at 10:40am

  • Had a great Olive Garden lunch with a super awesome friend from church who colored pictures with Julia! I love when people will include her into the conversations and not just be annoyed with her. She can be a handful, but it's great when people are laid back!

at 2:00pm

  • Time to get myself productive!!

at 3:00pm

The posts ended there abruptly, not because I was overly productive, but because I was aware from facebook! I commented here and there on other posts, but didn’t even post about my workout that evening. Just another day in the life of a facebook addict! The photo at the top is what's always preoccupying me - coupons!

Monday, December 05, 2011

December Daily: Day 4

Day 4: Our story every year at Christmas time involves the Woodcrafter’s Company Christmas party. The last few years have been at Benihana’s, and I absolutely love it! This is Julia’s second year going with us, and being that she’s at the stage where she’s not always so great at restaurants it’s always a gamble if we’re going to have a good time. But, we did. Here’s my prompt I’ll use to journal in the actual album…

Loving the calm feeling rush over me knowing that if I release the anxiety that comes with the business I will do just fine today

Loving the red dress I borrowed from Jessica at Church

Loving the random text message “So close 2 done I can almost taste the sushi” from Jon today

Loving curling my hair and getting dressed up

Loving Julia’s gorgeous dress

Loving how much help my mom is

Loving that I made it on time this year (and early to boot)

Loving that I get to see and sit next to Mellissa every year and chit-chat with her

Loving how much Joy Julia brings everyone in a room

Loving that Nurse Cathy came this year (she was one of the handful of nurses Julia had in the NICU, and was the wife of Jon’s co-worker!)

Loving all the compliments & Merry Christmases

Loving the Sushi (but not as good as years past)

Loving that Roxanne & Matthew made it and are having a great time

Loving that Julia has a friend to play with off and on when she’s ready to be mischievous

Loving the tricks the cooks do at the hibachi grill

Loving steak, scallops, and Lobster!

Loving how curious Julia was to see all the cook’s tricks this year

Loving that Julia got her own Startbucks gift card this year for Hot Chocolate drinks!

Loving the sleigh that was given to Steve & Peggy

Loving the night out and the good memories

Sunday, December 04, 2011

December Daily: Day 3

Day 3: On the hunt for a Rapunzel Ornament for Julia today while I was out shopping with my mom for Christmas. I stopped in at Hallmark, and yes they do carry them, but of course all sold out all their stores in the tri-county. Every year I have made it my mission to get Julia a new ornament for the tree so that each year we can have a way of documenting what was going on in her life in a special way. It’s only been 3 years now, so we’re not too far into the tradition. But, I love it, and so does Julia. I had intended to order it online way before now so that it was on the tree for entire holiday season, but alas I fell behind on the to-do list. So, the wait online now is about 2-3 weeks, and it will just have to be a gift under the tree instead of on the tree.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

December Daily: Day 2

Day 2: It’s my mom’s birthday! I Love birthdays and love celebrating anyone’s birthday. This year was even more low key then most years, Mom and her roommate, Kelly came over for dinner and dessert. I made Turkey pot pit and she brought some delicious cakes. We spent time with Julia playing and coloring and talking around the table. It’s nice sometimes to just have a normal evening with people you don’t always spend the evening with. Once they left, Julia was still very wound up with sugar and so after bath time, she decided she needed to play fort! There is nothing better then having a daddy who can build a fort out of anything. It was just another day in December for us.

Friday, December 02, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day 1

Day 1: The tree is up and it’s officially Christmas time. The minute Julia began to see Christmas lights on the streets and in the trees she was joyfully cheering “its Christmas time guys!” Julia was so excited to put up the tree, but Jon and I are not feeling the holiday spirit yet. There are too many things on the to-do list and not enough time and energy to get it all done. I’m glad to be taking moments like these to document them when I can, because otherwise the season would just fly right by me and I’d have missed it. In order to get the tree in its place in the house we had to completely rearrange the furniture and take out half the seating to different areas of the house. Once the tree was up and ready to be turned on and lighted, Julia, Chewy, and me sat there for the grand display! Then it was off to decorate! Julia pleaded to do them all, but it was already past bedtime, so we did the special ornament box and put up the wooden Merry Christmas Train. By the end I was feeling rather impatient and irritated with just about everything, a sign that says it’s way past everyone’s bedtime.

Monday, November 28, 2011

25 Days of Christmas in 2011

Last year I did 30 days of Christmas, and this year I haven't even planned out an album. So, it's going to be 25 days - on the blog, and then I'll create it!

December plans already made:

December 2nd: My mom's birthday!
Dec 3rd, 10th, 17t, and 24th I work in the morning at the Gym daycare!
Dec 4th : Jon's company Christmas Dinner party at benihana's
Dec 7 & 8th: Devin''s Wedding - Jon's the best man!
Dec 10th: Women's bible study group
Dec 11th: Heart Family Christmas Party
Dec 19th: Mother-in-law's Birthday
Dec 24th: Christmas Eve!
Dec 25th: CHRISTMAS! & Church events!

It's going to a very crazy Holiday season for sure! Other events not yet on the calendar...

- putting up the Christmas Tree & decorating
- Peacock Lane
- Visiting Santa
- Family Holiday Pictures
- More Christmas shopping
- Snow play!

I do not have an album created or even planned out. I'm flying by the seat of my pants this year...I have many personal trials ahead of me as well, and I think I will find time to add the personal (internal) notes to the book this year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

How My Coupon Stock Pile Turn Into Meals

I wanted to show you an amazing chart that my coupon class handed out a few weeks ago, and in turn how I use it now for making monthly meal planning from my coupon stock-pile. Some items, like the healthy/salad day will be spendier then other days, but it works out in the end. Especially if you watch for deals and know when you can use up a lot of produce items. Enjoy!

(the chart is somewhat difficult to read without the boxes around each section..if you'd like an email of this chart, just leave a comment and I'd be glad to send it off to you.)

Day/Category Main Dish Bread/Starch (Optional) Veggies Fruits

Mexican/Italian Chicken Enchiladas Corn Bread/Biscuits Lettuce, Tomatoes, onion, Corn/steamed veggy or tomatoes Peaches/Pears
Fettuccini Alfredo

Crockpot/Quick Chili Cornbread/Rolls Peas&Carrots Fruit Cocktail
Pulled Pork
Tuna/Hamburger Helper
Take & Bake Pizza

Vegetarian/Fish Bean Burritos & spanish rice None/roasted potatoes Steamed Veggies (broccoili, cauliflower, etc) Fresh Fruit
Eggplant Parmasean
Linguini & tomatoes in Olive Oil
Baked Fish

Salad/Healthy Black Bean Salad None/roasted potatoes/rice Roasted Vegetables Berries
Taco Salad
Grilled Chicken & Vegy
Chef Salad

Round 2 Recipe/BBQ Mac & Cheese & Hamburgers/hotdogs
Green Beans Melon
Chili Dogs
Pulled Pork Sandwiches
BBQ Chicken & corn on the cob

Casserole Chicken & Rice Biscuits In the casserole/Green Beans Grapes/Apple Slices
Tuna Casserole
Baked Mac&Cheese
Chicken & Green Bean Casserole
Chicken & Noodle Casserole

Nice/Family Favorites Roast French Bread/Rolls/Rice Salad Strawberries
Chicken Pot Pie
Pork Chops

Monday, August 01, 2011

Day 7 - Week in the life

Many stories surround Sunday...

Sunday always begins with the bible and biblical teachings...

Sunday goes into the cheap lunch plan: Tuna sandwiches & chips

A first, wetting the bed (now that she doesn't wear diapers)

Family dinner outside, Julia's word: "Hangaburgers for dinner!" (aka, Hamburger)

Game time in the evening....

Followed by dress-up....

and a walk.....
Playing at the park is always a fun time....

Coming home to the sunset and the smell of doughnuts baking..

"Dragging" her to bed after a long day.

Our day ends in battle victory! HAHA