Thursday, November 24, 2005

We're Engaged

Happy thanksgiving! We spent the first part of the day with Jon's family at his parent's house. While standing around, Matthew (the step-dad) asked Jon to feed the fish. So, of course I came along. It was about to rain, and around 40 degrees out. I'd never seen how big the fish were, and when we threw the food out they came up and I could see them. Jon and I stood at the pond for about five minutes. We threw the rest of the food out, and I turned to walk back. "Where you going?" Jon asked. "I don't know, where am I going?" Jon began to walk over to the bench, and sat down. As I walked up to the bench to sit down I see a bundle of pink roses. I look at Jon and smile, "What are you doing?" (side note: Of course this was a sweet phrase I mumbled, and the surprise was finally here after the long wait). Jon smiled. "I want you to know how much I love you." He pulls out the white box. "Will you marry me?" I stood there flabbergasted staring at this beautiful ring shining up at me. I waved my hands around, "Well, of course!" And, Jon put the ring on my finger. We sat there for a long time laughing, kissing, and talking. It was the most romantic and amazing surprise I have ever been given. Jon is the love of my life, and I truly love him for all he has given me.

Look for updates on all wedding news.......

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