Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Year in Review

Here's my chronological list of events this past year so far..........Feel free to list yours.

January: Mia Rose and Iris Amanda are born at the beginning of the year. Andy is shipped off to Iraq. Devin comes home for a 2 week visit at the end of the month, and at the same time we decide we're ready for a puppy. Welcome to our home Chewy.

February: Valentines Day of course. Not much else going on so far.

March: Jon's Birthday!! Went to the beach for the birthday, and Chewy turned 6 months old. He loves the beach! At the end of the month we celebrated our 1 year anniversary by going to Newport Bay again.

April: It's really spring now, and I've began to plant flowers. Jon's nephew John comes up for Easter.

May: We've decided to buy a new car! It's was a sad day when I sad my last goodbyes to the Etta. But, with gas prices the way they are, and the unpredictability of both of our cars it was time to say our goodbyes. Wow, did I get Sick. Welcome the Pneumonia...yicks. I've finally made it into the full-time staff at my job, and began working on the young boys unit.

June: Becky's Birthday!! One of the best birthdays I've ever had. Spent the morning with my family, and then the afternoon with my friends and more family. Jon gave me my now very well used camera, and the new obsession for Keen shoes. I felt so special that day. Well, the boys unit at work didn't work out so much, now I've moved to the pre-teen girls unit. This is what I've been hoping for since I began.

July: 4th of July - time for out yearly 1 week vacation. We spend half the time at the beach, right after I sprained my ankle. Good grief, you'd think I figure out how to walk by now. Later we spend time at home and hanging out at the Sandy Mountain festival. Later on the month we got a new roof! Home improvement thinking has officially began for me.

August: Our 'lone camping trip the last weekend of the summer vacations. *sigh* Wish we could have done more. We did a lot of walks with Chewy, and decided he's very much the perfect dog. At the end of the month I pass a kidney stone, and then I'm told I have a cysts on my ovaries. This is the beginning of the painful Endometriosis.

September: Continued treatment for the Endometriosis. Fall as began, and at the end of the month Andy returned home safely. (Read the post on Redneck in the House).

October: I've started L.A. weight Loss. Chewy is now officially a full year old and an adult dog! Not to much going on - hangin' out with everyone and having SHRIMP FEST on Halloween. Not a huge party, but more shrimp for me that way.

November: So far so good, the treatment for the Endometriosis has helped and I'm feeling a lot better. I've lost 15 lbs so far. Our annual early thanksgiving party went off very well, and then 2 thanksgivings. Jon proposed on Thanksgiving!

December: What a wonderful Christmas season we’ve had. I of course have spent to much money for al the gifts this year. I gave Jon and Fisher Space Pen with a bunch of gifts surrounding writing a novel. Jon gave me matching earring for my ring and my Sizzix machine. Christmas eve we spent with my family, and that evening Smokey my wonderful old cat passed away. I will miss my cat for a long time, and I don’t think mom will be thinking about having a new cat any time soon. Our new year’s eve was spent at home watching Buffy, season 4.

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