Thursday, April 20, 2006


Today is the anniversary of when Jon asked me to be his girlfriend. This is such a special day for myself, because I knew that Jon and I would be together for a very long time. Two years ago it was Easter Sunday. I had spent the whole day meeting and socializing with Jon's family. The day was utterly exhausting for me. I was so nervous, and I was very aware that Jon didn't introduce me as his girlfriend. We hadn't really talked about, but I knew he didn't want to rush anything so I hadn't brough the subject up yet. That evening when we went back to his place (now our place) we were laying on the bed together talking. This was the time in the relationship when I had a huge smile plastered on my face for about 3 months. I think I may have brought up the subject of what we were to each other. Finally at the end Jon just said it. "Do you want to be boyfriend and girlfriend?" It was the most amazing and hilarious moment I had experienced in life. I smiled so big and told him of course. (Sounds a lot like my response to Jon's proposal.)

I love you Jon, Happy anniversary.

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