Friday, June 02, 2006

Countdown to my Birthday! 13 days to go...

IT'S ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY! I absolutely love my birthday. It's always been one of the happiest days in my life. I love how all the people I care about come to see me and spend time with me. And, how can I not love a day all about me with presents!?

Wish List...
1. New shoes...



2. New University of Idaho Sweatshirt (mine has stains...It's not as cute as it use to be)

3. Of course, I'm always in need of Scrapbook Supplies. (hint: I really love Basic Grey paper line)

4. A massage! After the past few weeks at work, I'm going to need a lot of pampering.

5. Flower Pots...Once we get the patio done, I want to be able to make it as pretty as possible.

Here's a picture of me last year at my birthday.

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