Friday, June 16, 2006


Well, it was another amazing birthday! Jon always seems to know exactly how to make me smile. I spent most of the morning with my mom shopping, and enjoying every moment of it. We also picked up my wedding dress (that's another post waiting to come) and I got some really nice shoes (dansko) and a new outfit for the summer. My mom couldn't believe how much the shoes were, but she spent the money none the less just for me. I love my birthday, because it's the one day I feel so special. So, I also got a new Idaho sweatshirt from my mom! It's not pink like the one I love, but it doesn't have the chapstick stain either. My brother and family were able to drive out to the house. The gave me a really beautiful wooden chime with a pink flower on it. Two of my co-workers were able to show up (Monica and Alison) and they both gave me really nice cards. Monica says I have an aloe plant waiting for me at her house. Of course all the guys were there, and they just provided the entertainment. They did give me a card though. Later Amber showed up, and then Roxanne. Roxanne had brought me some really sweet and thoughtful gifts. She gave me two lawn chairs that need to be refinished. I'm going to have them on the front porch until we have a patio in the back. But, I may end up liking them so much I will have to just get more. She also gave me some shoes, a sparkley pink bracelet, scrapbook stickers and stamps, and a bridal magazine.

Jon thought of everything. He had my presents in beautiful wrapping paper, and all the food ready to cook. We had hamburgers and lots of snacks. He cooked the rest some of the pork and cut in pieces to put on tooth picks, and the day before went to Jakivas for my cake. It was such a gorgeous cake, made with banana's! After opening some more cards, and just sitting around with everyone Jon decided it was time for me to open his gift.

I was nervous...I kinda knew what it was, but I didn't want to think it was what I thought and then it not be it. So, I was just not thinking about what it was. As I opened it all I saw was a black box. Then I saw the IPOD! The night before I had received an email from Apple, saying welcome to your new IPOD. Jon played it off really well, just enough that I had doughts. Then I opened the second gift that was tied with it. It was season 6 Buffy! "Notice that they are both open," Jon said to me. I hadn't, but they were both out of their packaging. I turned on the IPOD, and noticed that half of the season 6 was already on for me to watch. Jon had been spending his free evenings downloading the DVD's onto the IPOD for weeks. Jon had done it again, he had gone the extra mile to make me smile about something he had given me. Right now I'm downloading some of my CDC onto the IPOD (which I think is so cute it needs a name).

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