Sunday, July 09, 2006

Summer Vacation

Our vacation was AMAZING! Spending a week away from all the worries and troubles of everyday life was much needed. We spent five days in Seaside, OR at the trendwest hotel in the beach front penthouse with Jon’s parents and nephew Jon. Monday and Tuesday were spent in seaside relaxing and watching fireworks for the 4th of July. Wednesday Roxanne and us went into Astoria, OR in search of sushi, and found that and more. We ended up two doors down from the Sushi in a shoe store buying clearance priced Dansko and Keen shoes! Then later we went around town looking in antique stores. Thursday was spent with the two boys (Jon and Brandon) and Roxanne drove down to Cannon Beach and went shopping and had lunch. That evening Roxanne and Brandon left, and Jon and us spent the rest of the week together. On Friday we acted as tourists in seaside, and shopped and played in the arcade, mini golf, and bumper cars. Later in the day we drove to Ecola Park in cannon Beach and made sandwiches and looked at tide pools. Today is the last day of our vacation, and we've spent the weekend having a yard sale (sorry, no pictures this year) and enjoying the sandy mountain festival.


Kristen said...

wowzer lucky lady. I didn't even know such a vacation was planned. Glad you enjoyed tho! You should probably call me so we can catch up... no, I don't have any news *sigh*

Rebekah said...

ahh, No news, bummer. Such a vacation was needed!