Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Dance Lesson

We had our first dance lesson tonight at Aurthur Murray school of dance. Our teacher is very cool, and started us off with the foxtrot, swing dance, and the hustle. I'm so excited to began learning all these great dances and have music for it. I would love to do a montage, but it would be really hard I'm sure. We stopped at Borders and picked up some wedding music to listen to in order to narrow down the selection some. Super excited! Keep posted on all the dance lessons and other wedding updates!


Julie Smith said...

We did a fox trot at our wedding. We danced to "A Wink and A Smile," by Harry Connick Jr. Just between you and me, my husband thought he was leading, but it was all me! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebekah said...

Love that song!