Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dancing of the bride and groom

Only 42 days to go! Jon and I are learning our routine faily quickly, and I'm enjoying it so much! It seems to be the only time we get to spend together when it's just us lately. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Now, we just need to get the song together so we can dance to it.

Our friends who have just moved to Colorado have been able to come (at least part of the family) and be at the wedding. I miss them dearly though, and can't wait to see them soon. I'm also so exsited to have several of my friends, new and old, taking time to attend the wedding.

I visted my dear dress today, and it is going so fast. I almost have sleeves finished and soon my dress will be finished for me to wear. I also have an appointment for my hair, and just feel the excitment every day!

This weekend I'm actually choosing to spend sometime away from soon to be hubby, and taking a couple of days at the beach with some co-workers in a beach house we've rented. So excited for it!

Don't forget - only 42 days to go!

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