Monday, November 12, 2007

Life before a wedding

Everything seems to be coming to a head as the wedding gets closer. Lots of driving around and picking things up, and making sure everyone has their own stuff taken care of. I have only 2 more guys to have fitted, and then that will be finished. The girls should have their dresses finished this week, and my dress is all taken care of. I'm so excited!

Outside the wedding realm life is much to stressful. Family dynamics has jumped into full gear for this family. I've been feeling overwhelmed about how to take care of our nephew John, and recently have had to find new arrangements for him. He still hasn't moved into a full day of school and is out of school 3 hours before I get home. Money has made a big impact on us as well with the extra mouths to feed, and the wedding on top of this.

I can't wait to see all my out of town friends for the wedding. My matron of honor, Kristen, will come from Boise, the best man, Devin, from San Diego, My new long distance best friend, Robin, from Colorado. I think these 3 are the ones I just can't wait to see and spend time with.

18 days to go!

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