Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 12 at the hospital

Well, what do I say. Still on bed rest with bathroom privileges and allowed to go for wheelchair rides for a short time. When we first came into the hospital I couldn't grasp the concept of early labor and possibly loosing my precious baby. Now, only 12 days later it feels like a completely different scenario. I still don't feel safe going home for any time, but I also don't have an feeling of fear and the unknown about my baby. I can see in some people's eyes the doubt and concern about what we will do if we have a disabled child, but Jon and I have bonded and grown so much in these twelve days that anything that comes our way we are going to overcome. God has given us so much to hold onto, and helped us to know that there is a reason for what is given to us. I feel relived about the situation, and know that we can overcome the odds.

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