Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays

Well the holidays finally came and went with a blast of cold weather with it. Julia grew and grew through all of it, and seems to just love it when Jon and I are both home with her. She is 5 months old now, and at a corrected age of 2 months. So, she's right on target for her growth and development and is doing all the normal 2 month old baby stuff. Just before Thanksgiving she started to sleep through the night,and now we are getting 6-8 hours a sleep at night again. First time since before I was pregnant I think. Here's some wonderful pictures of her for the past couple of months.

Still at the hospital and wearing preemie clothes still. This is back in September and she was barely 5 lbs.

The first few days she was home all she did was sleep and eat. We didn't get many pictures of her eyes open.
Halloween was quiet for us, and she was still to small to wear any real costumes.

She really likes to be bundled up in big clothes and held a lot. This outfit actually has bear ears on the hood. Super cute!
She's still learning to hold herself up, but she's got the head control so far.

Going out for her first stroller walk - it was cold, but we did it!

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