Thursday, January 08, 2009

Julia's Smiles

Julia has the most amazing smile. It is so much like Jon's and it so happy. When ever she smiles at me it makes me smile and my heart just warms up. She is such a miracle to me. The first month she was home was so hard for me. I was in such a fog, and wasn't sure how or what to do. But, eventually it came to me and she just became the most amazing little being around me. I was so glad when she began to smile at me and giggle at little things. Her favorite game is when we stick our tongue in and out at her and then she sticks her tongue out and giggles. It's so cute! Here are some wonderful pictures of her smile and just being her.

She was laughing alot this day - she even has a dimple coming in.

Sleeping on daddy's belly - this day she would have nothing but this, otherwise she would scream and cry.

Close up, she loves to be up in our faces and staring at us.

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