Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Letter to Julia

This year at Easter was your first time egg hunting. To prepare you for such a fantastic event, I brought home Easter books from the library and taught you all about egg hunting. For about three weeks I would show you the pictures and attempt to get you to pay attention to my reading, but never really felt like I got through to you about it all. Then, the day before Easter we went over to your God parent’s (Jason & Robin) for a BBQ and egg hunt. Astonishing enough, we gave you a bag, pointed to an egg, and there you were putting said egg into said bag. You knew what to do all along. So, for a good 10 or 15 minutes there you were running around in the semi-wet field collecting colored eggs and putting them in your bag.

The next day we spent the morning at church celebrating, and you had a great time playing in the nursery and going to visit Grandma Nancy in between services. You wore your pink dress with a pink cardigan, with your pink leggings, and new sandals with a huge pink flower on top. After church we quickly rushed up to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for egg hunt and food!

When we got there, food was being served, and most of the family was there. Great-grandpa Bob was there with Uncle Dad, Aunt Toni, and Brandon. Your Uncles Joel and Jeremy were there, as well as Aunt Brandy and Cousin John. Your Cousins Iris and Paige were on their way with Aunt Amber and Chad. When everyone arrived, the Easter egg hunt was on!

All the kids lined up for a group picture. I put you next to Paige, and you both grabbed each other’s hand and held hands while the pictures were being taken. It was so cute! Then we released you all and it was egg hunting craziness! You filled up your huge bucket from home, and then another one from Grandma Roxanne. When we went inside you began to help empty the plastic eggs and tried to eat as much candy as possible.

After everyone was inside again you kept dumping the huge bucket of plastic eggs over your head and diving into them. At one point you found candy and stuffed it in your mouth. You played hard, and then we thought maybe you could take a nap. But, the crib had recently been taken down at grandma and grandpa’s, so you weren’t haven anything to do with lying down on the bed, and at one point even climbed out of the portable crib that got set up. (It was only 3 feet tall, and with you being over 3 feet you easily wrapped your leg over the side.) So, once you satirically avoided your nap, you and I went outside to calm down. At this point you met Clyde the cat (the first time meeting an actual cat) and since you had just learned about cats in your Baby Einstein video you now knew what a cat was and were very delighted in petting and saying “cat” now. Wish I had had my camera for that moment.

Well, once we left the festivities you were so exhausted that it only took two minutes of driving down the road before you crashed. We let you nap at home for an hour before dinner, and then you went to bed pretty early after that. It was such a wonderful and blessed weekend of celebration for you. Everyone in your family loves you so much, and your daddy and I enjoy every moment of your joys in life. Happy Easter Julia.

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