Thursday, April 08, 2010

Today you...

This week you’ve been sleeping a lot, and I’m sure it’s from all the excitement of Easter last weekend. Today you slept in until 9 am (yesterday it was 10:15) and are getting so great at waking up with a happy demeanor. You use to scream until someone acknowledged that you were alive, and now I’m certain you know I’m still asleep most mornings so you just stand up and make a little cooing sound and start to play with your stuffies. Today you woke up at 7:45 and did this exact thing, but then curled up onto all the blankets and pillow and fell back asleep until 9.

As all morning go you had breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, banana, and sometimes other add-ons. Then of course we must watch Sesame Street and Elmo’s World! After this though you decided it was a good time to chase Chewy around the house playing fetch with his rope. You worked up a good sweat during this game and were worn out! You usually have a bottle of warm milk about an hour or so later, and then nap time another hour after that. So, around 11:30 I laid you down for nap, and since you slept in some you played in the crib for about 30 minutes with your teddy bear and even whined a little about the whole deal.

You slept until 3 o’clock! I am just starting to get use to the fact that I can shower during nap time, so I was able to do that today. I use to be the mom who felt like even if I made noise near your monitor I was going to wake you and if I was to far away or unable to get to you quickly I was doing it wrong. But, of course I learned my lesson and now know that you need me to be less smothering! So, now I cook, clean, shower, scrapbook, nap, and anything short of vacuuming I will do during nap time now.

Our afternoons are pretty typical as well. If it’s not raining (which it has been for the past 2 weeks!) we would go for a walk after lunch, but seeing as today was sunny/hail/snow/sunny day we stayed in and watched some TV and even some baby Einstein videos. Once Daddy got home we made dinner (chicken burgers & French fries) and then after went for a walk with the dog. You love it when Chewy gets to go on the walks…you will walk around with the leash in the house and sometimes even clip the leash on him and walk him around the house. Back from the walk we got jammies on and got settled down for bedtime. (Bath time would have been in place of the walk, but you get one ever-other day since you’re such a clean girl, unless otherwise insisted upon by you.) Brush your teeth, bottle, snuggles with Daddy, kisses to mommy, and off to bed you go. You go down for bed so easily, and fall asleep so quickly. Sweet dreams my beautiful girl!

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