Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday's Photos

Wednesday was a busy day. Spent the afternoon with my mom shopping, and Julia was excited at first but sick of being in the car by the evening time. Grocery shopping with Jon, pizza night, got Julia to bed, and then I made it to the gym the hour before it closed. Bed by 11:30.
Starting my day off right with a little Anti-Diarrhea!

Even after 11 hours of sleep, someone's still sleepy

Dressed and ready for the day

Craft Warehouse Hats!

Saying bye-bye to Grandma!

This might seem like a quiet moment from Julia, but she was crying because Jon went into the bank.

Taking the grocerys in

The sun finally showed itself today

Pizza night!

Lounging out after pizza!

Julia's asleep, and Jon's getting sick of the camera

I made it to the gym - Me afterwards. Not the best picture of me...looking a little old.

Charged the IPod for the workouts!

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