Monday, May 24, 2010

Love my friends!

I absolutely love being with my friends and their kids. We are like this huge family of kids and parents, and Sunday at the zoo was no different. Sitting at a huge table passing out food to everyone, feeding Julia all the food she can eat, holding Dana & Tyson’s new baby girl, and just watching as the rain pours down and then the sun comes out was such a sign of how happy I am with these people in my life. We had a lot of problems watching all the kids and making sure they weren’t running off without telling us, but even with all the franticness of it all I had the best time being with all of them. It was Emma’s 5th Birthday and we all surprised her showing up at the zoo to have lunch and walk the park with her. It was cold and wet, but once the rain stopped after we ate it didn’t hit again until we all were in the cars heading home. We saw Lions, naked mole rats, Giraffes, Ducks, tigers, cheetahs, Elephants, birds, and more. Showing up after church meant we weren’t going to walk the whole park, and that was ok with our family because we had just been there, but I could tell the other kids wanted more. Jon and I decided we have to buy a yearly pass now with how much fun Julia has here. It’s so worth it. I’m probably going to take her on my birthday too since its $2 Tuesday.

After having the yard sale on Saturday and falling down the stairs and sitting in the cold most of the day I am extremely tired at the zoo; and even after the zoo I was barely coherent, but I made it through and had such a great time. Julia had such a great weekend. Saturday was spent with cousins Iris & Paige at Grandma Roxanne’s playing tea party and wearing tutus and the Sunday was the Zoo. She does have a small cold, that because she can’t blow her nose yet has given her some wheezy coughs, but I’m not too worried. Enough time spent sleeping with the humidifier and she will be okay. Such a blessed life we have.


Anonymous said...

The zoo was wonderful... even though it was cold and very hectic.. I love our extended family. We are always so forgiving of each other. thank you for reminding me of the good things.

Rebekah said...

Your welcome....we have a great group of people in our lives, don't we? :)