Sunday, June 13, 2010

2 days!

Wow, I can't beleive it's still not my birthday! My friends and Husband threw me a great party this Saturday and I had the best time! We did a build your own salad, salad bar party. The weather was fabulous so we migrated in the back yard most of the time. We also had presents for me!!

Here's a list -->

1. From my Loving Hubby - new running/walking/all around workout shoes! Perfect! And a Starbucks card!

2. From my mother-in-law - New Clean Living cook book

3. From the best guy friend a girl could have, Devin - Flowers, a huge card, and a gift certificate to take myself and my 2 best girls out for mani/pedis! YES!!!

4. From one of my best girls, Robin - Book 3 of the Bride Quartet series and a girly movie for Girl's night movie night! Plus an awesome singing card!

I will post pictures later, but for now just enjoy this fun fact:

fun Fact: When I was in my early twenties I refused to like the color pink because it was so girly and I was going through this Women Power phase and so I choose purple to my favorite color, but we all know that Pink has always been my favorite color even when I was denying the truth! Go Pink!

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