Thursday, June 10, 2010

5 days to go!

So, I have fallen behind on my countdown and my fun facts! So sorry! This week has been so interesting and frantic I usually don't have such little time to myself.
So, on Monday and Tuesday I had lunch with my mom and rushed home each time to meet Ashleigh at the house and out Julia down for her nap. Monday Ash and I make chocolate chip cookies and Tuesday evening we made chicken pot pie. Both nights I made it to the gym for a kick-ass workout!

Wednesday I drove to the tri-cities with my mom and Julia. This was an amazing trip. I packed a ton of stuff and my best buddy gave me the car DVD player to use for Julia. This was a life saver because Julia was fascinated by the fact that she was watching her videos in the car! About half way to the Tri-cities Julia fell asleep and we seemed to take way to long to get there. I had music on, 3 stops total and we finally made it to Kenniwick to visit with my Aunts. My Aunt Mary-Jane had never met Julia and she was in a perfect mood to meet new family. She was smiley and loving, and was glad to hold hands, give kisses, babble, and eat anything anyone put in front of her. I took a walk with Julia for about 15 minutes to get her out of the house and into the fresh air before we were off driving home.

By the time we got to the Gorge, John's Day Dam, the rain was coming down in buckets, and it kept coming and coming until after I made it home. The drive was miserable, and thankfully Julia slept all the way home once it started raining. We didn't make it home very quickly either, not until 11 o'clock.

Today I woke up early to meet Morgan here so she could stay the whole day and spend the night. Yay, Julia and I get to have a sleep over while Ashleigh is having hers at home. Since the rain has not stopped still I decided we would go to the mall and play at the park and walk around. Devin, our long lost Navy friend who was also our best man at our wedding, showed up a day early to hang out with all of us and joined us at the mall. In the food court is a new Carousel and it was $2 to ride. So, Morgan and Julia rode the carousel together. After we went to the indoor park and played, and then Devin took us to Panera Bread for lunch! Sweet! Never been there before, and it was super yummy!

Here are some funny facts about me. ONLY 5 DAYS until my birthday and only 2 until the party!

- I snore really badly, sometimes even wake myself up! Not all the time though, and trust me Jon’s thankful for that.
- I am so not a morning person. I’ve become one that gets up early enough in order to not be grumpy at others and have personal time before everyone else is awake (preferably Julia). But, I still need a lot of coffee to make it through the day!

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