Monday, November 15, 2010

Mommy's Gift Guide Part 1

So, have you ever wondered what to get me for Christmas? I know you have, especially this year now that we're so close. Well I will be glad to help you out with this wonderful gift guide I have planned for you. Let's start off with a great description of who I am.
Stay at home mom: I spend my day wearing many hats and this is just a list of a few of the many titles I take on in any given day. A Barista, food vendor, janitor, house keeper, Crayon artist, tissue dispenser, a shoulder to cry on, hairdresser, dog walker/feeder/wiper (of wet feet), diaper changer, librarian, Grace giver, Bible reader, Music DJ, answering service, bill paying, and most of all Mommy! In the evening I add on some extra hats too - Wife (the best!), chef, Scrapbooker, baker, gym buddy/Gym Nazi.
So does that give you a good idea of what goes on during the day for me? Well good, so that's all you need to know right? Wrong. Here's a great list to start off your holiday shopping for Me or any other stay at home mom in your life. But, this guide is NOT exclusive to the stay at home mom though, so let me clear this up - ALL MOMS GIFT GUIDE!

Here it is broken down into the type of Mom you have in your life, and trust me she will most likely fall under more then 1 categories.

The Reading Mom:
1. Nora Roberts: Bride Quartet series, specifically the 4th book out in stores now.
2. The Girl who kicked the Hornet's Nest; The girl who played with fire; and The girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson : I'm not recommending this because I have read it, but because these were the most popular books this year for women to read. I've had numerous people tell me about them, and they are beginning the filming of The girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
3. The Short Second life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Myer : I fell in love with the twilight series this year and highly recommend this add on story about Bree Tanner.
The Cooking Mom:
1. Mini Food processor: This is on my wish list because I have no need for a large one as of now, but would love a smaller one for making salsa and such other great stuff.

2. Egg Slicer: Another item on my list because I eat hard boiled eggs often and realized how tedious it is to cute them evenly!

3. Better Home & Garden's Cook Book: I call this the magic cookbook. I have confiscated my BBF's for the past 6 or more months because she was letting collect dust. I have used it on a weekly basis sense and have started writing notes in it for when I return it to her. This of course is on my list too.
4. For my list again, I have a custom item - a built to custom size baker's cabinet. I have a corner in my kitchen that would be perfect for a tall; narrow cabinet. I intend to call this cabinet my baker's corner, because it will hold all baking supplies - flour, sugar, cake mixes, and all things baked. This would be a great idea for anyone's home - find a corner or a shelf in your pantry to house all baking goods in order to make your baking experience more efficient.

So more categories to come in the coming days, so keep checking back or become a follower. Some hints: Music Lovers & Baby Toddler gifts....

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