Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Day 5 photos & Journaling

Julia sliding down the pile of snow next to the lodge

Hot cocoa shared with mommy

Running in the snow - away from the wind!

Visiting the Raven's Nest - where we got married

Loved going to the little memories in Timberline Lodge today! The alcove on the second floor where we set out all the cookie boxes and placed ribbon around them the night before the wedding, the table Andy sat on while we took pictures of everyone, and especially the Raven’s Nest were our ceremony was held. All such great memories and joys to come back to each year! Discovering new memories in this place is also such a joy today. Julia discovered the mountain for the first time and certainly got her fill of all the snow she wanted. The day lodge is where we spent our inside time the most and we discovered a great deal of little areas and new spots to make memories with. The fireplace was of course my favorite place – warm and cozy! We had such an amazing day to share with our daughter and celebrate our 3 year anniversary together. The snow was coming down and the wind was blowing fast, but it was well worth the treacherous drive up Timberline Rd today.

Later on Grandma Roxanne took Julia for the evening so we could see a movie (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 1). The movie is the first part to the end of Harry Potter. It’s great to add this into a memory because this franchise has been going on for so many years and we are all so intertwined with Harry Potter and all that goes with it. I can’t wait to watch Part 2, but it will be bitter-sweet.

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