Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Christmas Gift List

Ok, so I think I've told my husband what I want, but does anyone else want to know? Probably not, but I'm going to let you know anyways. The biggest things I think I wish for on a regular basis are scrapbooking supplies, so the sewing machine and gift card are at the top of my list! I'm also a huge fan of Nora Roberts, coffee, cooking, exercising, music, and taking pictures.

My List:
1. Mini Sewing machine
2. Craft warehouse gift card - any amount over $5 is great!
3. Nora Roberts 4th Quartet book
4. Nora Roberts – The search
5. Nora Roberts – Black Hills
6. Hard boiled egg slicer - this is such a small gift, but I really need one!
7. Travel coffee mug - yes, I have 3 or 4, but none of them are cute and I need one that closes and has a handle.
8. Mini food processor - I've never had a food processor and think the mini one will do me just fine.
9. ITunes gift card - I need new music on my IPod for my workouts!
10. Picture Frames - in standard sizes, none of these square sizes or totally large that I have to have it professionally mounted in. College frames in 4X6 are great!
11. Bible cover
12. New pillow - who doesn't need this?
13. Sunglasses - I've had the same pair for 3 years, and they finally lost their battle with cheapness. I like the big kind that take over your face. :)
14. Clothes - socks and tops only, with losing weight the pants size will not stay the same for long, but I love new shirts and socks!
15. Eclipse DVD - I would really love all the Twilight movies on DVD, but I really loved Eclipse the most.

I know it's a long list, I certainly do not except all of this, but I wanted to get out a whole spectrum of things so that if people who are buying me gifts see the list then they can find something in their price range.

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