Friday, December 31, 2010

One Little Word

Ali Edwards has been one of the most inspiring people in my life. Although I do not know her personally I do feel a close relationship with her through her scrapbooking, blogs, and personal testimonies of struggles and defeats. This year I will be joining her in choosing 1 word that will help me shape what this coming year will look like. I have several large goals for 2011, and feel the need to make them public and document them. Of course in my little organized brain I also feel the need to make it all work together; otherwise I could easily veer off course. So, my one little word for 2011 is simplify.

Simplify is defined as to make less complex. This year I can not wait to reach my goals, to loose weight, clear out all the junk in my basement, have a baby, and mostly to be more focused on what matters. The words Simplify and minimize have been roaming around my head a lot, so I went with Simplify when I looked up the definition - seems to be the directions I am in. Can't wait to see what it brings to me! I plan to simplify my weight loss – count calories more frequently and keep a workout schedule that is easy and efficient. In order to simplify my life for a new baby I must purge clutter out our lives; including cleaning our basement from corner to corner and opening our outdoor space to play time for Julia.

The first step I plan to take in this journey for 2011 is to declare my devotion to God by being baptized this January with my husband. I know many of my friends who are not Christians do not see the usefulness of this step in life, and some day I hope that they come to understand it, but for me I want to shout it out to everyone every day that my life has changed and become more rewarding because I’ve allowed Jesus into my heart. At the same time as making this huge declaration I will also be participating in a Biggest Loser contest at my gym. Now I may not win this (although I will certainly try my hardest), I will give myself an edge to my weight loss and fitness lifestyle that will eventually give way to a much simpler life. And, if I do win I pocket $500. My goal in my weight loss is to lose a minimum of 30 pounds by the end of spring time in order to feel like I am at a healthy starting point to begin the process of having another child. As many close to me know this could be a huge event in our lives, filled with possible bed rest, minor surgery, and even another pre-term baby. But, like I’ve declared, I have all the faith in God’s hands, and a gift of a child comes from the lord, and so if it is his will I will go through any or all of it! But, it is also my will to make the process easier and simpler. Do you see where I’m going with this word? Simple is just easy! I don’t want to clutter my life with complex, with doubts, or any fears. I want to be filled with hope, excitement, and enjoyment in all that is given to me.

I have other “resolutions” for this coming year as well, but these 3 pack a pretty huge punch and will be focused on a lot! For all of you reading this, I hope that you will follow me through this journey and continue your own. Pick a word for yourself and make a decision to keep it going all the way through December. Don’t let fears and insecurities take over, though they will roar their ugly faces from time to time, just remember that it’s a whole year of time to make a change. I made a change in myself for 2010, now it’s time to do even more work for 2011.

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Casey Wright said...

What a great Word! Hope you have a happy new year!