Thursday, June 30, 2011

A look back at 2010 Album

My process of making the Week in the life Album last year was close to the same one Ali Edwards used, but of course I used less technology and more traditional methods. Each day as a formula like this:
Page 1: Large 8X12 photo with the date on the page
Page 2: 8 1/2 X 11 page with a journal and on the back of this page would either be a large photo or PP with words on it.
Following pages would consist of photos in 4X6 or 6X4 photo pockets, along with papers from the day and/or journals about the pictures.
Last page of the day: 8X12 photo collage of photos that were used and weren't used.

Tittle Page

Day 1: Large photo

Day 1: spread of page 1 and journal

Day 1: Used an 8X10 photo in the middle of page 1 and 2 - the back of my journal page.

Day 1: went to the park, got a gym membership, did yard work around the was a good day!
Day 1: info on the park near us...

Day 1 college - this is the day I took the MOST pictures of course!

Day 2: Large photo - this has got to be one of my favorite pictures!!

Day 2: journal about out financial peace class and grandma babysitting

Day 2 photo collage

Day 3: large photo on page 1

Day 3: used a black & white photos, will do that more often I think.

Day 3: Pizza night, and grocery list

Day 4 Large Photo

Day 4 collage

Day 5: large photo on page 1

The paper's are Jon's monthly schedule folded to current week; a list of movies that have been relesed this week; and my to-do list

Day 5 - 2 page spread

Day 6 Large photo page 1

Day 6 journal: we walked the 10K march of dimes

Behind the front page is the map of the 10K walk

Day 6: in the middle page is a flag from the walk

Day 6 collage

Day 7: Page 1 large photo

Day 7: 2 page spread

The End: a collage of all 7 days


Anonymous said...

I am so super excited this is my first year in participating in a week in the life...

Rebekah said...

you will love it - I love looking back and seeing what things are the same and what are different.

Anonymous said...

that what i like about the idea the most... the ability to look back and reflect on the changes in your life... Right now we are planning our wedding, and are super busy at work but this time next year it going to be so different...