Monday, December 19, 2011

Wish list

Well I fell short of keeping up on my 25 days of Christmas, but I have been taking pictures, so maybe news years will bring me time to update you all on the happenings around here. On another note, I never posted a wish list. I wish for financial security in the unstable economy, I wish for a healthy family, I wish for eternity with all my loved ones, and I wish that all of you who love me and know me will find the true Christmas spirit and find the love in your hearts like I have.

But, just to add a little materialism to this post I'll post some of my wish list that come from the stores.

1. Coffee! Starbucks gift cards work great! wink, wink

2. New jeans/slacks - I'm tired of wearing clothes too baggy or to tight (depending on the day) that are older then my daughter!

3. Workout Gear - for those of you still shopping there's some great sales at Fred Meyer for under armor gear!

4. to go along with #3 - 1 pound weighted gloves for Body Combat class

5. Any of the Twilight Saga movies

6. Bath & Body works lotions & creams (I'm addicted since I worked there)

7. Cozy socks

8. Always can count om the scrapbook supplies or a craft warehouse gift card!

9. Make-up (foundation/concealer) & facial (wrinkle) cream

10. Movie Tickets (for date night with the hubby)

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