Thursday, November 17, 2005


I learned an important lesson last night - DON'T GET INVOLVED IN THE PERSONAL MATTERS OF YOUR FRIENDS. Well, not exactly, but when you're close to both parties in a marriage, this stands true. Marriage is such a strong word lately. Gay marriage alone can cause everyone's feathers to be ruffled. But, my feathers were ruffled because I want my friends to be happy. The friends I have right now are like family to me. I have become more close with them, then I have ever been with friends in the past. It's always been a mystery for me why some people becomes such good friends. When I see these people that I care for so much going through a hard time, my instinct to help kick into over drive. The bad part about this is that this instinct also kicks my common sense to the curb. The best advice I can give to anyone in the same predicament is to listen and always be there for the friends you have, AND STAY OUT OF THE MIDDLE.

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eden said...

i feel you cause when u try to be the middle man in a quarell between friends, they end stelling on u. be there i agree, but be careful how u settle them. good talk.