Thursday, September 21, 2006

Drunk Ass Weekend Part 2 (SHRIMP FEST 2006!)

What a wonderful time we had. Even with all the stress of making sure the house was in order, and that I was proud to invite so many people over, I think we had a great time and a fantastic party. Shrimp fest is about celebrating the end of the summer and getting everyone we love around us to enjoy our favorite food - SHRIMP! We made bacon wrapped shrimp, shrimp salad, a huge 4lb shrimp cocktail, and shrimp sushi rolls. On top of all that, we also provided hamburgers (because Jon makes the best burgers around) and some chicken for those who don't eat red meat/shell fish. This year was certainly the best so far, and I hope that we can continue to have an amazing end of the year blow out. Here are some great pictures of everyone enjoying themselves.

Dave and his niece Melissa

Amber and Doogie

Showing off the shrimp...Morgan, Robin, and Laura

Mom...She likes shrimp too.

Roxanne, Toni, and Dan (Thanks for showing up...It meant a lot to us.)

Iris still loves her uncle...She's a model now too.

Did I forget to mention the Margareta?

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