Friday, June 15, 2007

Birthday Fiasco

9:44 pm.

Not such a good day….getting better.

- Took Chewy to the vet to get his last vaccination shot, so he could go get groomed.

- Late to the grooming appointment, but got him faster then expected.

- On my way to the groomer’s, Jon calls to tell me that macaroni Grill won’t take more then 10 people, so we’ll have to find another restaurant.

- Jessica leaves a message saying they can’t come to dinner.

- Finally on my way home at 4:00. Get onto the highway, and begin to hear a loud thumping sound from my tire.

- So, I pull over thinking I blew a tire. Lay on the ground seeing nothing wrong with my tires (besides being completely bold – we were gonna take care of it). Even the police officer that stopped to help didn’t see anything wrong.

- So, I start to drive on. “Thump, THUMP, THUMP.” Guess something’s wrong. Pull over onto to Stone Rd.

- Realize that the rest of my tread has began to peal it self off.

- Sit for almost an hour before canceling 2 tow trucks and waiting for Les Schwab to change the tire so I can get to their store to get new tires put on.

- During all of this, we find a restaurant to seat 14 people who have said they were going to be there.

- Make it to dinner by 6:30 (half hour late) and open some wonderful gifts from my family. Only 10 people actually made it to dinner. We could have gone to Macaroni Grill.

- Jon’s gift is too big to actually get until he brings it home. So, here I am writing this waiting to see what it is….in suspense.

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