Friday, June 15, 2007


Its my birthday and the first day of summer vacation. Woke up at 8:00 to my mom calling, And then fell back asleep to Jons mom calling around 9:15. Suppose I should get up now. Dont want to get around though, no need to as of yet. Had some breakfast, and treated myself to cheesecake left over from the End of school year party the previous night. That didnt settle well. So, off to convince my mom she should come hang out with me in Sandy (its really not that far away mom). Decided to she would come and help me take the dog to get shots and groomed. So, I decided Ill get in the shower now its 11:30. So nice! While in the shower ANDY walks in the house, says Happy birthday. Oh are you in the shower, ok, Ill just be down in the basement. How long does it take to get through that its polite to call before coming over AND knock before entering someones house! *Sigh*& I suppose Ill get dressed and continue to try to stay relaxed. Hope this evening goes well!


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