Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Does it matter?

So, does it matter if I get a summer job? Jon thinks I'll get restless. I'm sure I will, considering I have a ton of things to do and have walked up and down the stairs today about a dozen times. I do want the art teacher job! (I have a interview for a part-time teaching job at my previous job with mental health kiddos.) It pays really well, and I could bring in money for the wedding. Plus I'll be getting my regular pay check still. It's only 23 hours a week, so I'd still have a lot of time on my hands.

Projects I want to accomplish this summer:

1. Go through kitchen and housewares for duplicate items to sell in yard sale.
2. Put together Kristen's Wedding scrapbook.
3. Organize the books upstairs (it's amazingly crazy by the way - Jon has a billion books!)
4. Clean sweep the basement!
5. Through a yard sale (maybe 2)
6. Remodel the guest bedroom...pain, sand floor, window treatment, accessories.
7. Keep up on my exercise routine & Diet

I could keep going.....So, does it matter if I have the job? Yeah, I think it does!

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