Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wish List....

Birthday Wish List:

1. Of course, scrapbook supplies never fail! Don’t forget to go to the Joy Forever though.

2. *sigh* New Nike’s for the gym! It’s been so hard to find shoes for my wide foot that won’t be to tight (or ugly) while I’m at the gym.

3. IPOD clock radio for the upstairs mostly to use for scrapbooking, but now that I have my computer near by I may have it somewhere else.

4. Not sure, but I think I want a small camera with a fast shutter speed and anti-shake capability. (I haven’t really thought about it though) he he

5. Money for personal trainer…or a paid session with a personal trainer at Mt. Hood athletic Club.

6. Music for Itunes or the new Daughtry CD are also wonderful choices!

7. Croc gardening shoes….Jay’s wide shoes

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