Saturday, August 25, 2007

Skin Rejuvenation

So, I am so going over board on the vanity for the wedding. I'm now at the salon once a month getting laser skin rejuvenation therapy. I have a few sun spots under my eyes, and I've been noticing how red my chest was. Since I am having such a beautiful dress with all the glitzy sparkles on the bust area I wanted to really shine myself. I'm also getting my teeth whitened, which was not a pleasant experience at the dentists. I have a kick-ass trainer who makes me feel 5lbs lighter each time I see her! Next, I have to get all the cosmetics taken care of and I will officially be a vain women heading into her 30's (well, I still have 4 years!). I truly believe though that all of this is so worth it for the perfect wedding to my prince charming.

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