Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Second Dance Lesson

Well, so you think you can dance? Well, I sure thought I knew something, but apparently not! Jon and I have taken our 2nd dance lesson tonight, and I feel like I know nothing. We were working mostly tonight on the rumba. Very sexy dance when it's done by professionals, but very silly to watch when it's us. God, I hope that these dance lessons pay off and we can have fun on the dance floor. We've also learned the beginning steps for the foxtrot and swing, but tonight we worked on learning to turn while doing the steps, and I learned to twirl in step. I was so excited for that! We are working with some great people at Arthur Murray Dance studio, and Kealoha is our teacher. Next week we are going to venture into the group class. (the suspense is thick, I know).

The saga will unfold soon...keep watching for more on the Dance Chronicles of our Wedding

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