Friday, February 22, 2008

5 weeks and counting

Yes, I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I couldn't believe it when the Dr told me. I had gone in to figure out why I still was feeling horrid, and told the doctor that I was a week late. She seemed to know immediately that I was. Thursday morning at 10:45 am I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant. It is such a blessing to have been given this now. I think just the excitement of it all has already made me began healing faster. I'm feeling strong and healthy (well, as much as I can with pneumonia) and am optimistic for a healthy 8 more months. I'm looking for a OB now to get the visits under way, and begin to whole process. My mom took me out for dinner and bought some prenatal vitamins for me. I never thought she would be so excited for this, but she is. She was in the grocery store when I called her and shouted it out "My daughter's going to have a baby!"

Jon and I are both so ready for this. We have both had baby fever for awhile, of course I longer then him. He's going to make an amazing father - I feel so blessed. A month ago I wouldn't have thought I be getting ready for a baby right now. I have so many plans now, and am crazy with happiness. We're expecting the baby around late October/early November. So, now I just have to pray for my mom to be home from her cruise and to not have a Halloween baby. Jon is certain he's going to get a baby boy, because as everyone keeps telling me "Pontow's have boys first."

I am so happy and glad to share the news with everyone. I'm sure we'll be talking more.

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