Saturday, February 16, 2008


So, Monday morning I woke up feeling pretty icky. I knew it was probably just be me not wanting to go to work, and making myself think I was sick. So, went most of my Mondays. So, I went on with the morning. Got to work to work with the difficult child I work with, and began to realize that maybe I was really sick. I began to not breath well and cough even more. By 10 o'clock I needed to go home. At 11:30 I was in the dr's office. He listened to be breath, sent for a chest xray, and blood work. At this point it was difficult to breath and every step was forced. By the end of the appointment the dr tells me I have pneumonia and had prescribed several medication, including a shot in the butt. I sat at the pharmacy for 30 minutes and then finally went home. The next day I went in again to the doc, and good God another shot in the butt. I'm not sleeping well of course, and have had several fevers go with it.

Valentine's day included an all day trip to Beaverton for John's therapy (yes, with me driving) and coughing way to much in traffic. I've decided that's not safe by the way. A sweet card from my new husband and roses from the grocery store (because he forgot to pick any up before). We went out to a movie later, but I almost feel asleep. So, I've told him to save some money and time to make it up to me.

So, now that I don't have a fever every hour I'm sleeping, and my cough is well, let's just say gross. Hopefully I can get back to work on Tuesday and I won't have to experience anymore illness this year.

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