Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Moving on for Life

When thinking of the perfect life I've always imagined Mr. Right and a large family of children. Long afterwards I would have grandchildren and be sitting on a front porch with my Mr. Perfect. When I met Jon and new that I was being walked down this road some how. I loved him from the beginning, and I loved everything about him. The years before we married I fell in love with his large family and the way I was welcomed into their family. Being from a small family I never knew family reunions, Christmas parties, and all the other events that surround a large family. For so long, I would do anything for this family. I wanted them to love me, just as they did Jon. I took in family and said I would help in ways that most would not. Jon and I married, and I knew I had Mr. Right. I know every day and each day forever that Jon and I are soul mates. Now we're starting our family. So quickly, of course we wanted too, but the realization came on fast. Now, we need all the support and help we gave to his family given to us. We are now over crowded in our home, and unable to care for the family we said we would. But instead of understanding and graciousness I feel that no one understands what we need now.

For eight and half months Jon and I have cared for his brother and his son. We have taken time off of work, lost sleep, and cared with sweat and tears. Outside of all this and the money that goes into it we continued to help. We both know now that we need to start out life together. We need to stand together and love each other. We are ready to begin our lives together, and have our families stand behind us in that decision. We want to make a home for the child we are having. A nursery, a play room, and a quiet home to raise our children. We have brought God into our home and hearts, and all we've wanted is for peace and love from our family. We will always love and care for our family, and will give as much as we can to help in everyone's life.

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Kristen Mouw said...

soooo is something happening that inspired this post? I'll call you tonight, we need to talk! love you