Monday, June 09, 2008


Well, had another baby appointment today. At first we were at once a week appointments because of my blood pressure, and recently my mid wife changed it to every 2 weeks. So, today we went in, with me thinking my blood pressure being high due to all the past week's stress. Lots of arguments and lack of sleep, on top of a persistent cough. The nurse took my pressure, and with all of our surprise was 124/78! Holy molly! How in the world did I get it so low? Regis (my midwife) asks me this question, and is very pleased with me. All I tell her is I've been doing nothing. And it's true. I sleep, get up and eat, so some house work, sit on the couch doing work for my business, and again get up to eat and take care of personal stuff. Later all I do is take a nap. On days this is exactly the way it goes I may be out running errands, but for the most part I'M DOING NOTHING AND GETTING BETTER. I really wasn't sure if not working and sitting around would help me and the baby. Everything I read says to be active, take walks, do yoga. But, in my case all we needed was rest and relaxation. So, now I can have the pregnancy I wanted, and really start to enjoy it. I can now start to register for baby gifts, and work on our nursery. In two weeks we will have another ultrasound to get a look at all the baby's organs, and give Jon more evidence that we're having a girl. (hehe) Also, I only went up a pound and a half. Amazing!

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