Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcoming the return of....


So for my birthday I asked for 2 tickets to the New kids on the Block concert. Back in May they announced they were reuniting, going on tour, and releasing a new album in September. At first I didn't see any shows in Portland, but then 3 weeks ago all the dates were shown and one in Portland. I'm so excited! I am an absolute fanatic about these guys. They were the reason I began such a romantic person, and believed in true love. I was certain that somehow I would marry Joe, and that when I saw them back in 1990 at age 9 they were singing to me. My room was covered in posters of them, and I had the Joe doll to add to my already extensive collection of barbies.

So, on November 23 I will be screaming my butt off at the boys of my dreams. Of course this is only 6 weeks after I give birth to a darling daughter. I'm so excited, and haven't stopped listening to their music since I saw them perform on the Today Show. I even downloaded music videos from itunes.

Welcome back Boys! I can't wait to see them live in concert almost 20 years later.

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