Thursday, June 12, 2008

3 Days until my Birthday

Well, it's 3 days until my birthday. I haven't been as excited for my birthday this year as I have in the past. I could name a few reasons for that, but it just doesn't seem as important to me this year. But, I also feel like there isn't going to be a big to do about it either. Most of our friends are out of town, and Jon and I aren't exactly getting along with his family right now. Plus, we're more excited about the baby. I'll be turning 27, and all I think we're going to do is go out to dinner. Jon said maybe a BBQ on Saturday with the friends who are in town. With a shrug, I said it would be fine. Mostly, I just don't want to feel selfish, no more then as much as others are making me feel right now. My mom's trying to take the day off and go to dinner with Jon and I. She also bought me some new maternity clothes! I never thought I love getting new clothes that look way to big to wear and are incredibly frilly.
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me on Sunday.
My Plan - Go to church, take a nap, get dressed up, and go to fancy dinner.

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