Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The diary of a NICU baby

Well here I am, five days old and still waiting for everyone to come visit me. The past few days I have been pretty busy. My first day I came out kicking out of mommy, and breathing on my own. The next day my mommy and daddy learned to change my diaper and take my temperature. Since I was so quick to jump into the world I had some jondus to deal with, so my doctors had to turn on this really bright light to help my skin turn more pink. I was put onto a CPAP machine to guarantee I would still breath. On my second day I gave the nurses I big poop and mommy told me it was really good I was already pooping. I now have a central line IV to get all the medicine I need, and also have a feeding tube so that I can drink my mommy's milk. Mommy's been bringing her milk for me and it's so yummy! It's helping me grow really fast and learn to take care of myself from inside. I am pooping a lot for the nurses and mommy, but they have to give me this medicine (suppository) to help me poop more and digest my food. Sometimes I even get to move to my belly to help digest my food.

The nurses taught mommy how to swaddle me, and I really like that. I feel like I'm back in mommy's tummy when they do that. But, I really like it when I can wiggle around when I'm awake. Today mommy came in really early for my 8 am diaper change, and I also got to see the lady mom says is really important to me. I think her name was Robin. She took lots of pictures of me like mommy does. Later in the day the really bright light was turned off and they swaddled me again. Finally, I was able to sleep without the light. I visited with Grandma Nancy while mom was wiping the black poopy I left for her. I also got to have my bed changed and have mommy hold me up while the nurse changed my bed. Her hands were really gentle and I can't wait until she holds me more.

Well, I'm pooped now, and waiting for mommy to call and check on me before we both go to sleep. Enjoy the pictures.

Love, Julia Pontow

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