Saturday, August 02, 2008

Julia's photos

Learning to change the tiny diapers
We call her our little bean

Daddy's sleeping away with Julia

She's over a foot long...she loves to stretch out

Mommy enjoying her sleep time with Julia

Here are some more pictures of Julia! she's grown so much since her first days. She is now over her birth weight, but only by 2oz. She's growing quicker then we thought she could, and is now eating more and more food (milk of course). She sleeps a ton, and Jon and I are holding her once a day now. For 3 hours we sit in a chair and have her lay on our chest, skin to skin. It's so wonderful and calming to know she's able to do that already and be healthy with it. We're already talking about when we get to take her home and what it will be like. Such as, not being able to take her around large crowds to keep her away from germs and anyone who's been sick. Or, what car seat to buy when we get to take her home, and then I started to think about what she should wear for going home. Alright, here's some more pictures of her. She's off the light therapy for her jondus and now gets to be swaddled in her blankies.

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