Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 and Christmas

Wow, it's been six months since I've posted anything on here. So sorry for those of you who are trying to keep up on the lives of us. Anyways, Julia has grown like a foot..ok, not that much, but she's huge! She's the tallest of all the cousins her age, and she has the most hair too. She's 18 months old now! I look at her every day just in awe of how much she has grown and developed in such a short time.

Jon and I are doing well, and work for him seems to be pretty steady. We went to the woodcrafter's Christmas dinner at benihana's were we had a wonderful dinner. We always appreciate how much Jon's boss does for our family. He is such a giving man, and really sees all his employees as his family. We also spent alot of time with Jon's family with holiday parties and such, as well as my mom and I were shopping fools for Julia. She was amazingly spoiled by all. I took a lot of video this year during Christmas, but now I wish I had used the camera more too. Oh well, just means I enjoyed my time more I think.

Let's see, before Christmas we had other events too. Halloween was fun! Julia was a unicorn, and went around to family's to trick or treat, and then helped hand out candy in the evening. For Thanksgiving we had our parent's over, and then had our traditional Sunday Thanksgiving were we have ALL our friends over as well as my family. That was a ton of work! I will never forget the fiasco of the candied deviled eggs...opps! We also celebrated out 2 year wedding annaversary and were able to go for lunch to Timeberline Lodge.

Now we are into the new year and I am embarking on loosing the post baby weight I have held onto for so long. I am blogging about that adventure on this blog here I am really enjoying motivating others with the blog, and it's really been keeping me honest to know so many people are keeping up with it. Any time I am out I have a friend or relative say something about the blog to me. Julia has been slowly adjusting to all of this changes this is bringing, and we also think she is going through a growth spurt again since she seems to eat ALL the time. Well here are some wonderful pictures to enjoy!

Touchdown! Yep, she totally gets football already.

Riding the train in the kitchen...

Crazy face! Her cheeks and nose were chapped from being sick and having to be wipped all the time. But, didn't faze her.

Aunt Brandy (Joel's wife) and Paige and Iris out playing in the snow with Julia

Riding the new riding horse that Great Grandma Jan got her

Playing in the snow on Christmas Day

Christmas with Grandma Nancy

Opening her presents at home!

Doesn't she look so excited?

Playing at the indoor park at the Clackamas Mall

Julia's First Haircut...Cousin Becky is the best!

Celebrating our 2 Year Wedding Annaversary at Timberline Lodge

All of us at the Lodge

My Apple Pie for Thanksgiving

She's picking out the sweet tarts! LOL

Trick or treating Grandpa Bob

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