Monday, March 01, 2010

Random Julia Facts

I was reading one of my favorite blogs and have been scrapbooking a lot, and I realized I don't have alot of written facts about Julia that I will be glad to have down later when I get to scrapbooking this time of her life. So, here are some random facts on Julia at age 19 months.

1. You wake up at 8 am every morning, sometimes a little later, but always that hour.
2. You have to have scrambled eggs for breakfast, and have found your new favorite - blueberry eggo waffles with syrup as well.
3. Sesame Street is only interesting when Elmo is on, and sometimes with Abby's flying ferry school. You also really enjoy The Imagination Movers on Disney.
4. Nap time is at 11 am and you HATE IT, but always sleep for over an hour, sometimes two.
5. We must go for a walk in the afternoon! Sometimes the dog even has to come per your request. If it's raining, we make the drive to Clackamas Mall to walk and play at their in door park.
6. You're growing out of 18 month clothes, and suddenly fit into 2T!
7. You had a cold most of February, so we haven't had your 18 month check up yet.
8. You like to lounge on the coach with your head propped on the pillows "reading" your books (just like mom & dad)
9. You scream a lot!
10. You're starting to talk more - mimicking sounds. You say mama, dada, chew (for chewy), and your are signing words you can't say yet - more, please, help, thank you, all done.
11. You shake your head yes and no when we ask you questions.
12. You learned to give fist bumps! You can give high fives too!
13. When you don't know the answer to a question you put your hands out and shrug your shoulders.
14. When sleeping you make a nest of blankets and then lay ontop of them, sometimes using the pillow.
15. You love your glow worm!
16. Talking Elmo doll us your favorite car toy
17. You still have 3 bottles of milk a day, but sometimes skip one if you eat a lot of food.
18. You know how to put on your coat.
19. Your learning to kick a ball, and about half the time you can.
20. Today you had your monthly visit from Liz (physical therapist) and said these sounds: goo, gal, guh, amah (grandma), dada, puh (puzzle), ee (cat), ow (out), voo (zoom), wzih (zip).
21. You wear size 4 diapers, but getting close to 5
22. Wanting to learn to potty train...loves to sit on your own potty in the bathroom. It's slow going.
23. Learning to color - making scribbles
24. You love to stack your blocks and match them into their shapes.
25. You can climb the stairs, and are now scooting down the stairs on your butt.
26. Goes to the nursery at church every Sunday. You cry when I walk away, but are awesome after I leave and 99% of the time don't fuss at all.
27. You LOVE your grandma Nancy and talk to her on the phone when you don't see her.
28. You ROCK OUT to music in the car - love Black Eyed Peas music and Taylor Swift. You shake your head like a head banger (front to back) and kick your feet up and down while in your car seat.
29. You dump all your toys all over the living room and make a huge mess each day.
30. Your afraid of the vacuum, but as long as someone is with you or holding you when it's going you do ok.
31. You go to bed at 8-8:30 pm and never fuss over bedtime like you do about nap time.
32. You sometimes scream in your sleep - we think it's night terrors. You've been doing it since you were a baby.
33. You are starting to do a 1 motion wave for bye-bye.
34. You always give people kisses when you say bye to them.
35. You love to be chased around the kitchen in circles.
36. Twirling around in circles is super fun to you, then you fall down.
37. I put your hair up in a ponytail on the top of your head because I want your bangs to grow out, but your have no middle part in your hair.
38. You weigh 22 lbs
39. You like to hold phones up to your ear and pretend to talk on them.
40. You throw food on the floor so Chewy can have some...even if your eating the food still.
41. We can't give you your plate because of this, so we only give you a small portion at a time so you don't throw all your food down to Chewy.
42. You laugh like a furby (Grandma Roxanne named your laugh this)
43. You love when Daddy comes home every night and won't let him put you down until dinner.
44. You love to get in the car to go, but scream if it takes to long, and love to come home.
45. You could go down a slide a million times and still want to do it again.
46. But can only handle about 5 minutes worth of swinging before you want to slide again.
47. You run really fast!
48. You sleep really hard!
49. You give the best hugs & kisses!
50. Every Tuesday night you are babysat by Grandma Roxanne and Grandpa Matthew (sometimes Aunt Brand or Grandma Nancy too) so we can go learn to become debt free at our Financial Peace University class.
51. You like to thrwo things away in the trash can.
52. You splash the water during bath time and love to play with the bubbles.

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