Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Compleating A Week in the Life Project

So, I'm mostly finished with my Week in The Life project that I have been working on for a few weeks now. It is one of the most fabulous projects I have ever done. I am loving flipping through the pictures, seeing all the items that were gathered from each day. I especially love all the little memories that are now preserved because I've done this project, and all the little stories I was able to capture. Once I've completed it I will take some photos to post here. There are little tweaks I would like to do next time I do this, and even feel the need to do it again soon. But, our lives won't change up to much for some time. Except they already have I suppose. One of the major things that has changed is how frequent I am leaving the house and leaving Jon home with Julia in the evening. I would love to have pictures of that. (Might need to work on teaching Jon some photo framing techniques, and then we will see.)
Some challenges I had with the project were that a lot of the steps were done on my computer and with printing, and I do not do well with printing outside of the normal size. I'm just to much of a perfectionist and impatient person. Also, the cost was a little high for me with all the photo prints, the album, the different size page protectors, etc. Maybe the next project I embark on can focus only on paper and pictures - I have lost of paper!
Here are some more pictures from that week.

Walking through the park

Playing with Magnet paper dolls (a story I didn't tell)


Snuggle Time

Chewy always sits next to the high chair in case anything falls to the floor.

Helping Daddy with the car


Sitting on the floor while Laura has her dr's appointment

Good Morning!

Trying on the Vader Hat

Bubble Beard


March of Dimes

To early!


Hotdog for lunch!

Uncle Jason at church!

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