Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Big Day - My Birthday!

Dear Self,

Today you turn 29 years old. You live in Sandy, OR and have a beautiful home. It is 7 o’clock in the morning and your daughter is asleep in her bed, your dog is lounging on the couch, and your husband has left for work. There is a cup of coffee next to you and you just finished eating the last piece of birthday cake. This is your favorite time of day; the time when it just belongs to you and you can sit and enjoy the quiet air and the warm coffee.

You have grown into such an adult, someone that 5 years ago we would have looked up to and aspired to be like. You have a strong faith in God right now, and I only see if getting stronger as time goes by. In the past 6 months alone you have grown leaps and bounds in that faith during the women’s bible study and the thriving friendships around you. Your friendships have also grown so much recently. Your two closest friends currently are with Robin and Laura and their families. Laura, who is 7 months pregnant, became so close during our hospital stay and the early months with Julia. She always makes time for others and gives so much. Robin, a much unexpected friendship, is the reason and the light to your torch with your faith. She is the reason we attend Rockwood Church of God, being married there, inviting us to attend with her, and introducing Pastor Val to us. These moments have given you the little snippets of life to have become who you are today. Robin and you go to the gym regularly together, and call each other Gym Buddy; as well as your nick name Gym Nazi for being so good at working both of you out.

Your marriage is also growing so much. Jon and you are both finding your places together, even after 6 years together, and are becoming the best parents. You are currently a stay at home mom and do most of the house work and cooking for all three of you, and many times cook for all the other families too (Robin & Laura’s). Of course the two of you have fights, and of course things can become difficult in anyone’s marriage, but you are an amazing wife with an amazing husband. As you have helped yourself grow these past few months you have also grown as a wife, and are learning more about yourself then you thought you would when it came to marriage and life long partnership. Your daughter will be 2 years old next month, and she is blossoming into such a remarkable child. To know that she came from such a challenging beginning and to see her now is such a blessing. There are many adventures to come from her in your life.

Overall the things you are doing with your life right now are amazing. You are working towards becoming a healthier person who will eventually carry another baby (full term this time), who will eventually go back to work to contribute to the household income, and who will eventually be baptized and officially declare your devotion to God. These are huge, and are just the big steps in your walk. Between these leaps are so many other steps you make and you have such a great year ahead of you with those steps.

Love Always,
Rebekah Age 29 June 15, 2010

Everything is so true! I am so in love with my life right now! I am so blessed and loved by everyone around me, and feel so confident that this coming year will bring even more love, peace, and success in my life. I want so many things too. Here’s a fun list of To-Dos for my 29th year.

To Do
- Lose a lot of weight!
- Organize and use on a regular basis my scrapbook room
- Potty Train Julia
- Get a part time job
- Baptized at Victory Celebration!
- Become Pregnant

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Robnlin said...

Wow.. this really brought a tear to my eye.