Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

When I would think about Father’s Day in the past I would be envious of those who had the opportunity to celebrate their fathers. You see, I grew up without a father. So, I never knew what it felt like to say Happy Father’s Day until now. Now my husband is a father, for 2 years now, and it feels so amazing to be able to see what a great opportunity my daughter will have all of her life to say to her Dad, “You are the best dad in the world.” Because he is the best dad in the world, and proves it every day with his actions and words towards her.

When Julia was first born we of course weren’t at church every week, we spent most of our time at the hospital. One of our pastors made a statement about Jon one week that we hadn’t attended, saying that Jon is the example of a husband that we should all aspire to be. He takes this example and brings it right into being a father as well. So many men fall short in the role of father. They don’t spend the time to see the personalities in their children, or they work so much they aren’t even home for dinner/bath/and bedtime. Jon takes the time in his life to give so much to Julia. He spent so many hours, months, just holding her, changing her diaper, and feeding her so that she would grow and be healthy. Then he spent all that time again running after to her, tickling her, reading books with her so that she will grow up to be a happy and intelligent girl.

He leaves every day for work wishing he could stay home to play with her and is looking forward to coming home to see her huge smile for him. His dedication to being a father is something I will treasure forever. Something that I hope other men will see in him and aspire to be like. He is truly someone to celebrate and I sure hope that today he felt celebrated by us.

Happy Father’s Day Jon – we all love you and wish you to be as happy as you make all of us!

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Anonymous said...

I love your notes... they actually made me tear up a little bit just thinking how wonderful Jon truly is. I hope you had the best father's day ever.