Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Project Life

I've been obsessed with wanting begin The Project Life kit and it's finally back in-stock to purchase. But, of course as life goes I can't buy it just yet. (If you'd like more information on Porject life click on the link on my side bar or go here.) But, that doesn't mean I can't start taking the picture of the day. So, I will try to post a picture a day of our life - not always going to be Julia, maybe something out in the world, maybe the food we cook, or maybe just the randomness that I am sometimes. Here are some dailys from Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and then Tuesday!

Tuesday we rode the Tri-cycle while Katherine pushed

Monday was purely a PJs day, filled with playing with new toys!

Sunday Painting Party for Laura:
Must include kisses for all! Especially Uncle Jason!

Saturday - At MacKenzie & Shaun's wedding:
Dancing with Cousin Brandon

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