Monday, July 12, 2010

Review Part II

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

With Jon working on Saturday he didn’t get to see much of the fair, but he would of course say that it’s the same every year and if you’ve seen it once you’ve it twice. I of course knew better and had rose colored glasses this year. (Actually, I do have rose colored glasses all the time, but I digress.) So, Sunday we came back from church, took naps, and then headed back over to the end of the fair to see what we wanted to purchase and ooh and awe at. Every year we manage to get something at the fair to remind us of the local talent and not just have factory made trinkets in the house. Here is a list of the purchases from past years – black and white photograph, glass candles holder, ceramic oil burner, cartoon characters drawn of our friends, hanging planter, wood carved roses, yard decorations, marionette (puppet) toys, and of course a candle shaped like a pie. These can all be seen around my house for your viewing pleasure.

This year we weren’t going to spend a lot of money, and decided that the purchase would be something for Julia. Of course, the popular children’s booths included the marionettes, the marshmallow poppers, the t-die shirts, or wooden whistles, but I wanted something that not every other kid already had (but was getting this year). So, we went with a rainbow colored wire crown and wooden wand that she can wear on her birthday. She waved that wand around through the park for some time too. I took some pictures of some of the craftier items I saw this year, and then we met up with our friends and enjoyed the last band to perform the festival (who performed all 80’s rock hits by the way).

Lindsoe Clayworks has been a booth I’ve always admired and reminds me how much I wish my best friend from college would come to this fair and show off her amazing pottery. Here are some of the pictures from her booth. She had some great new colors to her pottery this year and the staples of pottery are all there. I also saw a gal sitting in her booth painting away another beautiful creation to sell, and had to take a picture of that. Her booth included her husband’s hand made cedar lawn chairs and her hand painted canvas paintings. Jon and I always admire their booth. I couldn’t take pictures of my favorite booth – the artist who sells Black & White Photography from around the country and now some from Europe. I have one of his photos framed on the wall in my living room. Another frequent item was the metal yard décor – usually roosters or some type of animal or welcome sign.
Some might say I’m crazy to enjoy all the hustle and bustle of this festival when it’s so close to my house, and I might agree early on, but in the end I really enjoy living in the center of all the ciaos. It suits me just fine, and I may go a little crazy when a porta-potty is put on the side of my yard, or when people walk through my grass, and even when crazy people start moving my plants to such things, but in the end I love the Sandy Mountain Festival and all it has to offer.

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