Monday, July 19, 2010

Julia's 2nd Birthday

I wrote a letter to Julia this year, I'm not sure if I did last year, but I have so much to share about her I just had to write it all down. For her party we celebrated with all of our friends and family at Blue Lake Park the day before her birthday. The theme was Elmo and Grandma Roxanne decorated the entire cake! Pictures to follow.
Dear Julia,

Today you turn 2 years old. I just can’t believe how fast you have grown up in the past year. A year ago you could not walk yet, were not talking yet, and you were still wearing clothes from the baby section. Now you run so fast I have to run to keep up with you, your clothes are bigger then most 2 year olds (your in 4T), and your speech may be a little delayed but you sure do have a lot to say whether I know what you’re saying or not.

You are so smart and independent. You know exactly what I’m saying most of the time, and always have such an inquisitive look to you. I can’t wait to talk to you about what you see and hear, and how you feel and what you think about everything around you. You are just beginning the stage were you want to do things for yourself and not have any help from adults, and at times I miss your need for me but I enjoy watching your independent spirit shine through. You love to watch baby Einstein videos and are just getting into watching movies, like Cinderella and Finding Nemo. You adore dancing to upbeat music and having mommy and daddy sing to you, and can stop immediately when a favorite song comes on the speakers. It makes me happy to know you will be into music like I always was.

Your favorite things right now include shoes, books, Elmo, airplanes, swimming and baths, and coloring. When ever we look at shoes in a store you always want to hold it and try it on and repeatedly say “shoe” clearly. Recently we took you into a Famous Footwear store while I was getting some new shoes and Daddy took you to try on hot pink converse, and mistakenly put them on you. You would have nothing else now, must keep these shoes on, and we had to buy them. Thankfully they ended up only being $4.99! You also are now wearing a size 7 shoe! You have the same experience whenever we walk by books in a store, and adore reading books with Elmo and friends in it. Sometimes at home you will even go get a book, crawl on the couch, lay back, and open the book to read it. Super adorable! We recently started going swimming with the big kids (Ashleigh and kids) and got you a Barbie life jacket to wear while swimming. You love the water, and when it’s the perfect temperature you will stay in it for as long as you can. This goes for bath time too. When you are outside or in the car you love to see airplanes in the sky. You will look up and squeal in delight and begin to wave at the plane as it flies over our heads. I think a plane ride should be in the near future! As for coloring – you are rather fanatical about it. Once you start to color you do not ever want to stop. We currently put you in your high chair with crayons and paper and you just go to down scribbling like crazy. You squeal with excitement, and occasionally say “color, color, color” pretty clearly. You’ve managed to break all of the crayons now, but more will come and go. An Easel drawing board is in your near future babe.

I love everything about you and everything I see you will blossom into. You are beautiful in your looks as well as in your spirit, and I can’t say enough about how amazing you are. You’ve given me purpose in life, and a drive I have never experienced before. You make me work hard at being the best mom, wife, and person I can be. You are my rock! I love you Julia. Happy 2nd Birthday.

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